AWS ⇒ Microsoft Azure

AWS Microsoft Azure
Alexa Skills Kit Bot Framework
Amazon Aurora Serverless Azure SQL Database serverless、Serverless SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics
Amazon Braket Azure Quantum
Amazon EBS Provisioned IOPS Volume Azure premium storage
Amazon EC2 instance store Azure temporary storage
Amazon EC2 Instance Types Azure Virtual Machines
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Azure Blob Storage
Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) Azure Container Registry
Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)、AWS Fargate Azure Container Apps
Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) Azure Files
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Amazon EventBridge Event Grid
Amazon Kinesis Event Hubs
Amazon MQ Service Bus
Amazon Timestream Azure Data Explorer、Azure Time Series Insights
Amplify Static Web Apps
API Gateway API Management
App Runner Web App for Containers
Application Discovery Service Migrate
Application Load Balancer Application Gateway
Artifact Service Trust Portal
Athena Data Lake Analytics、Azure Synapse Analytics
AWS App Mesh Open Service Mesh on AKS
AWS AppConfig Azure App Configuration
AWS Auto Scaling Virtual machine scale sets、App Service autoscale
AWS Batch Azure Batch
AWS Billing and Cost Management Azure Cost Management and Billing
AWS CloudShell Azure Cloud Shell
AWS Config Policy
AWS Lambda Azure Functions、WebJobs
AWS Marketplace Azure Marketplace
AWS Network Firewall Firewall
AWS Organizations Management Groups
AWS Parallel Cluster Azure CycleCloud
AWS Well-Architected Tool Azure Well-Architected Review
Backup Backup
Certificate Manager App Service Certificates available on the Portal
CloudFormation Resource Manager、Bicep、VM extensions、Azure Automation
CloudFront Front Door
CloudFront Front Door
CloudSearch Cognitive Search
CloudTrail Activity log
CloudWatch Application Insights
CloudWatch、X-Ray Monitor
CodeBuild DevOps Pipeline、Github Actions
CodeDeploy、CodeCommit、CodePipeline DevOps
Cognito Azure Active Directory B2C
Cognito Azure Active Directory
Command Line Interface CLI、PowerShell
Config Application Change Analysis
Control Tower Blueprints
Cost and Usage Reports Usage Details API
Cost Explorer Cost Management
Custom Route Tables User Defined Routes
Data Pipeline、Glue Data Factory
Database Migration Service Database Migration Service
DataSync File Sync
Developer Tools Developer Tools
Device Farm App Center
Direct Connect ExpressRoute
Directory Service Azure Active Directory Domain Services
Dynamo DB Table storage、Azure Cosmos DB
DynamoDB、SimpleDB、Amazon DocumentDB、Amazon Neptune (Graph) Azure Cosmos DB
eksctl az aks
Elastic Beanstalk App Service
Elastic Block Store (EBS) managed disks
Elastic File System Files
Elastic Transcoder Media Services
ElastiCache、Amazon MemoryDB for Redis Cache for Redis
Elasticsearch Service Elastic on Azure
Elemental MediaConvert Media Services
EMR Azure Data Explorer
EMR Data Lake Storage
EMR Databricks
EMR HDInsight
GameLift PlayFab
Global Accelerator Cross-regional load balancer
Global Accelerator Front Door
Glue Azure Purview
Greengrass IoT Edge
Ground Station Azure Orbital
GuardDuty Advanced Threat Protection
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Azure Active Directory
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Azure role-based access control
Import/Export Disk Import/Export
Import/Export Snowball、Snowball Edge、Snowmobile Data Box
Inspector Defender for Cloud
IoT Core IoT Hub
IoT Things Graph Digital Twins
Key Management Service (KMS)、CloudHSM Key Vault
Kinesis Analytics Stream Analytics、Azure Data Explorer、Data Lake Analytics、Data Lake Store
Kinesis Firehose、Kinesis Streams Event Hubs
Lake Formation Data Share
Lex Language Understanding (LUIS)
Lex Speech Services
LightSail App Service
Management Console Portal
Mobile Analytics App Center
Mobile Hub App Center、Xamarin Apps
Mobile SDK App Center
Multi-Factor Authentication Azure Active Directory
NAT Gateways Virtual Network NAT
Network Load Balancer Load Balancer
OpsWorks (Chef-based) Automation
Organizations Management Groups
Organizations Subscription Management + Azure RBAC
Outposts Stack
Personal Health Dashboard Resource Health
Polly、Transcribe Speech Services
PrivateLink Azure Private Link
QuickSight Power BI
RDS SQL Database、Database for MySQL、Database for PostgreSQL、Database for MariaDB
Redshift Synapse Analytics
Rekognition Cognitive Services
Resource Groups and Tag Editor Resource Groups and Tags
Route 53 DNS
Route 53 Traffic Manager
S3 Glacier、Deep Archive Storage archive access tier
S3 Infrequent Access (IA) Storage cool tier
SageMaker Machine Learning
SDKs and tools SDKs and tools
Server-side encryption with Amazon S3 Key Management Service Azure Storage Service Encryption
Service Catalog Azure Managed Applications
Shield DDos Protection Service
Simple Notification Service (SNS) Service Bus
Simple Queue Service (SQS) Queue Storage
Simple Storage Services (S3) Blob storage
Skills Kit Virtual Assistant
Step Functions Logic Apps
Step Functions Logic Apps
Storage Gateway StorSimple
Systems Manager Monitor
Trusted Advisor Advisor
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Network
VMware Cloud on AWS Azure VMware Solution
VPC endpoints Private Endpoint
VPC Flow Logs Azure Network Watcher
VPC Peering VNET Peering
VPN Gateway VPN Gateway
Web Application Firewall Web Application Firewall
WorkLink Application Proxy
WorkMail、WorkDocs、Chime Microsoft 365
WorkSpaces、AppStream 2.0 Azure Virtual Desktop